Saturday, September 27, 2014

{ " Sometimes Loving Hurts " }

Pain is something no one likes.
In fact, it's something most of us try to avoid completely. We try to push away things that might cause us pain, and we with often do everything we can to avoid painful situations.We practice hiding our feelings, hiding our pain, in hope that it will make us seem stronger.

Guess what; it won't.

There's this thing about pain, physical, or emotional, it needs to be felt, in fact, it demands to be felt.
Emotional pain (along with physical pain) often has the power to weaken us, and to overtake us.
It can cause us to stumble, cause us to stew in a pot of overwhelming emotion. It can cause us to say, and do things we don't mean. At some point, we're just going to explode. I am guilty of holding in emotions until I just completely burst. It is something I have done too many times, and I regret every one of those times.

If we live in a way in which we are constantly trying to avoid pain, we will never truly live, and never truly love. People hurt other people. Sometimes it's an accident, sometimes it's deliberate. When it's deliberate, it is one of the most agonizing pains. Especially when that person is someone we love. If we avoid people at all costs, in fear of being hurt, we'll never experience what it is like to love someone, or be loved by someone. If you've been deeply hurt by someone, you know what it's like to love someone. I'm the type of person who loves everyone. I've always been that way. The other person might not know it, but it's there. I might not be the best at showing it at times, but I have a compassion toward people, that sometimes causes my own heart to be broken. I can't not love people. I guess I could say: I 'fall in love' (not in a romantic, fairy tale way - so don't worry) with people, in a sense. I grow attached to people quickly, I love their ups, their downs, their quirks, and I accept them despite their mistakes. I like to learn people, and listen to people. So, that also makes me the type of person who tends to want to push people away, in fear of 'falling' for them too quickly, and in turn, being hurt. No, I am not trying to say that I love everyone no matter what they do.
I'm saying, I have had my fair share of hurt, because I give little pieces of my love away too easily. I know what it's like to have heartache for others. That heartache might not always be caused by other people, but it could be connected to that person. People you love moving away, moving on, or even passing away... It can all cause pain. Pain we can't do anything about. It can cause a crippling ache in our hearts, something we think we can't get past. We shed many tears, and sleepless nights go by, but we don't stop loving. Loving people is definitely worth the pain. I guess it's kind of like when they say if we didn't experience pain, we wouldn't know what joy felt like. If we didn't experience heartbreak, or heartache, we wouldn't know how wonderful it feels to love, and be loved.

In the end: I think we can all look back, and be thankful for the times we were hurt, or pushed away. It opens our eyes to other things, and people we often put on the back burner. It also makes us a little bit stronger for the next one, and shows us that it's possible to move on.

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