Sunday, September 28, 2014

{ " Pour Out Your Heart " }

"Trust in Him at all times, O people; 
Pour out your heart before Him. 
God is a refuge for us." 
~ Psalm 62:8

Do  you ever have something on your heart, that seems to be weighing it down? Something so heavy that you feel as if you can barely even feel your heart beating anymore? I know I have. Sometimes it's something so heavy, and so hard to explain, that we hold it in. I often let things weigh heavily on my heart before I even speak of them. Sometimes I never let them leave my heart. I just let the weight grow heavier, and heavier. I let the pain burrow deeper, and deeper, until eventually, it becomes numb. I find that we often hold in our own worries, and sorrows, to keep from upsetting others. Maybe we see our friends going through struggles, or hardships, and we think that our struggles aren't worth mentioning. We fear that people will grow tired of hearing us pour our hearts out onto their plate, and giving them more to rest on their shoulders.

Well... There's someone who will never get tired of hearing us pour our hearts out. That someone is our heavenly Father. We can tell Him everything, and anything that is weighing on our hearts, and He hears. He doesn't just hear, He listens. Not everyone can truly listen, some people only hear us. God listens. He sees every tear that falls, knows everything we think, and He hears us no matter how quiet our whisper may be. Sometimes when you're pouring your heart out, words don't even escape your mouth. You don't even have to speak to pour your heart out to the Lord, He already knows what's buried deep inside, which is both encouraging, and convicting.

So, if you're ever feeling burdened, and like you just need to pour out your heart... Remember the One who is always there to hear you, and be your refuge.

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